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Interior healthcare waiting room after renovation by PRM Services

Medical Practice Renovation

PRM converted this former bank into a modern medical practice in Holland, PA. Renovations included removal of a secure bank vault, extensive plumbing work, and adding a 2,000 SF extension to the building, nearly doubling its size. PRM coordinated with the client, adhering to their design specifications and requests throughout the entirety of the project. Now, the upgraded facility is a medical family practice, benefitting the local community.


Adaptive Reuse


  • 5,000 SF

  • 1 Story

  • 2,000 SF Addition


  • Design

  • Construction

  • Project Management

From the Client:

"In 2021, I decided to convert a bank into my family practice office. I had to both increase the footprint of the building to get more square footage inside and renovate everything within the existing frame. When Bill and Gary came to my office, they were absolutely the most thorough; really looking into different things, getting up on ladders and looking at the ceiling at ductwork to give me an honest evaluation of what they thought the project would entail. It really felt like they cared more than some of the other practices that came to us.

 Gary and Bill through this process always told us what we could do, what we had to do, and all the options in between. I had a million questions, and they were always willing to discuss and answer them and talk me through all of the different options. Being that I had no experience in commercial building, I didn't know what I didn't know. So, they really gave me a wonderful education during this project.

I've had multiple experiences with contractors, and some are terrific, but many do not show up on time, do not answer your calls, and don't really follow through with what is promised in the beginning. However, with this process there was none of that.

It's a beautiful space to see patients. The structure is wonderful. Patients compliment how well the place looks all the time. It feels open, airy, so it's really a blessing for many patients and staff to have such a facility.

You want a company that is going to communicate well with you, answer your questions, do a great job and make sure it's done correctly. PRM gave me all of that and more."

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